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Recent work

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Flat refurbishment in Southampton

This flat was bought with the intention of renewing everything as it was in desperate need of refurbishment and had not been touched for many years. Everything needed to be ripped out including the ceiling so new LED downlights could be installed, we re-boarded and it was skimmed to a flush surface. The project consisted of a brand new bathroom, kitchen, new consumer unit and electrics, installation of new economy 7 heaters, new doors, re decoration thoughout followed by new carpets, underlay and laminate flooring. We also had to contruct a sliding wardrobe which fits perfectly into the eaves of the flat. It was all overseen and completed by Advanced Decor.

Exterior decorating in Ocean Village, Southampton

Initially we were asked to paint the lower walls of 4 large blocks of flats located right on the seafront externally for a property management company we regularly work for, so we recommended a product called Sandtex Trade Extreme Xposure, perfect for sea frontal areas. This was completed successfully but things really took off after this as the house owners within the complex wanted there's painted too! In total we ended up decorating 17 houses in the Pacific close estate and still today the properties look outstanding. You can see these properties when driving over the itchen bridge on the left hand side going into Southampton. Just look out for the seafront properties.

The houses look great now they're are complete
Trevor Cooper, Pacific Close

What a difference you have made, good job!
John Russell, residents association Pacific close

Andy and crew did a great job on the front and back of my house and we are very pleased with the efficient and professional way they handled the assignment
Charles Daly, Pacific Close

Exterior decorating for Trinity Church, Totton, Southampton

We were contacted by the maintenance team to quote for the Re decoration of the external areas to the church so after surveying the job in full we decided on using an electric cherry picker. This kept costs to a minimum and because the surrounding areas were laid with grass it meant we could track round the building keeping the grounds intact. Using this machine also meant that noise was kept to a minimum a perfect solution for everyone.

Thank you for the work at the church which I am very pleased with
David Woodbury, caretaker

Window refurbishment and decorating in Milton Road, Bournemouth

This project really tested our skills as part of the job was to re-decorate all the windows on this very old building which were in poor condition. We ended up stripping back most of the windows to bare wood and its fair to say extensive repairs were needed!. As you can see from our pictures we were able to cut out entire window cills with specialised tools and replace as new. Once we finished the results really paid off. The lease holders wanted to keep the original look of the building so it was necessary to refurbish the original windows without replacing them with UPVC. Once the extensive preparation was complete the windows looked brand new!

Exterior and interior decorating in Ventnor Villas, Brighton

This property really suffered from severe weather conditions (being near the seafront) and we found that the previous redecoration some years ago wasn't to a very high standard, so we had our work cut out. Here we had to grind out an array of hairline cracks all around the building and fill to a flush surface. We completed an overhaul of the entire property itself re rendering the chimneys, renewing the gutters and downpipes, internal and external re decoration and renewing the asphalt to the walkway and steps. We are very pleased with the end result. It really sets itself apart now from the neighbouring other terraced properties.

Exterior decorating for Littlecott Cottage, Marchwood

Derek was looking at refurbishing the outside of his home before he put it on the market so we undertook the redecoration of his pebbledash walls whilst bringing in the woodwork at the same time. As the walls on the cottage had never been painted we used a stabiliser solution to seal the walls in then we applied a further 3 coats of Sandtex trade masonry paint which covered really well. The finished result really brighten up the feel of the place and everyone was happy.

Andy and his team, were excellent, they did everything exactly as it says on the tin. They were flexible and completely transformed the condition of the property, as per budget and schedule
Derek Olden